Medellin Colombia Vacation

Attractions To Visit During Your Medellin, Colombia Vacation

Ideally, you should create a time to take your family out on vacation to one of the most frequented cities in Colombia. Going on vacations should become a routine you observe from time to time. There are so many benefits attached to seeing nice places and spending quality time with loved ones away from work. It's always therapeutic and fun. There are many places to be explored, as Medellin Colombia has developed into one of the most attractive tourist centers in world. These city, on a daily basis hosts a lot of visitors because of the weather, and hospitality of dwellers and attractions. If you're considering a Medellin Colombia vacation, you should check out these tourist attractions:

The Medellin Metrocable

The Medellin Metrocable is a wonderful place to go to as you travel through the hills to witness the tropical and metropolitan landscapes of Medellin. Moreover, there are nice parks which you can visit, after going on a tour. There are locally made dishes which can treat you to a first hand experience of what the locals enjoy.


The beautiful Guatape is a man-made lake which is one of the best attractions in Medellin Colombia. There are hotels and relaxation centers where you can lodge with members of your family during a tour of the Guatape reservoir. Another interesting thing to do in this place is going on a boat trip to see the water ways. Guatape has been specifically designed for tourism and therapeutic relaxation purposes.

Museum House of Memory

Past accounts have described how notorious Colombia was years ago. Interestingly, there are monuments available to show the internal struggles that have made Colombia what it is today. The armed conflicts and a series of terrifying events have relics that have been kept for tourists to examine and study the history of the victimization and struggle for freedom in Colombia. It is indeed an amazing site to visit.

The Botanical Garden and Parque Explora

If you want to catch a glimpse of natural life, there are many botanical gardens you can freely pay a visit. There are many species of plants, and of course, different species of butterflies that are facilitating the pollination cycle. Moreover, the Parque Explora is another wonderful place that is accommodating wild life (especially reptiles and amphibians).

Barefoot Park

The Barefoot Park is an attraction that is suitable for children and adults alike. During visitation, you may need to take off your shoes and sandals, as you will be exploring sandy areas, natural greenery parts and a host of naturally beautiful places carved out by nature on foot.

Medellin Colombia Vacations are excellent for those who love to explore. Those that have kept on visiting keep coming because the places they visited are amazing. The people, the places and the food are wonderful. You wouldn't want to miss a vacation in Medellin if you have the chance. The above attractions are just a few compared to the mat other places you can visit during your stay in the beautiful city. Satisfy your curiosity and makes these five spots part of your trip.

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